Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Update from my Uncle.

"I have witnessed with sadness the unfortunate situation that these many people of our country have been affected. Starting from Siumu our chapel has been destroyed and a lot of homes, then Poutasi has been badly hit with homes, churches and school buildings all smashed, Vaovai has home destroyed and 2 members young members of the Church confirmed dead. Salani surf hotel has been completely destroyed and homes in Utufaalalafa and Sapoe as well as school and church building destroyed. In Vavau beach fales and Aufaga beach fales are all destroyed. The worst hit areas are from the villages of Lepa, Saleapaga, Lalomanu, Vailoa, Satitoa, Malaela, all the way to Saleaumua. There are confirmed 10 members of the Church dead in Malaela including the patriarch, his wife and 2 grandchildren. They are still looking for more dead in Lalomanu and throughout the are as debris and sand have hidden bodies. All the Lalomanu tourists attractions, motels have been completely washed out including a lot of family homes. The new stake center in Malaela that was just dedicated in 4 months is a total loss. All missionaries are accounted for and in safety now. the 2 elders that were in Malaela were able to make it to the bush carrying young children when the waves hit. It was told that the wave was as high as 20 or more feet and there was no time for any to take as the earthquake shook and 5 minutes later the waves just came crushing in. We have since sent some basic help to the saints there of rice, water, tapolins and we are organising some clothes from the unaffected saints here to sent to them. There is a reported of about 25 deaths so far with more to come as searches are continuing, not counting the criticall injuries and others."

I'm so glad to hear that my family is safe. And my prayers and thoughts are with you all... especially with the families that have lost their loved ones.

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