Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's 10 Year

Today makes 10 yrs since my Grandmother passed away. I can't believe it's already 10 yrs. I miss her sooooo much! But I know she's in a happier place reunited with my Grandfather and Uncle. I wish so badly that she was here with us but I know our Heavenly Father has bigger plans with her and I'm so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and knowing that I will be with her again. She raised 10 children by herself with the help of family and friends when my Grandfather passed away. And she has instilled in each of them a piece of her and the teachings of the gospel. She was literally the glue that held our family together. And because all that she has taught and passed on to her kids we continue to be the close nit family we were when she was still on earth with us. I know she is still with us and watches over us.

Our reunion ended in July but during our testimony meeting we were able to hear of everyones favorite memories of Grandma. My favorite ones were the ones that started, "If Grandma was alive" (and trust me to this day we still here this phrase)... LOL... "all the boys would be return missionaries" or "everyone would be married in the temple"... LOL. Everything was alway church and family. My favorite memories of her are when all the grandkids had to speak samoan to her. Even tho' our samoan was so broken she just smile and nod her head... knowing what we said wasn't right but she understood. She was loving and caring person. Always had a smile on her face.

Grandma, thanks for your love of the gospel and for our family. Thank you for being an EXAMPLE for me. I LALALALALALOVE you!

Grandma oute alofa tele ia te oe. Ua misia lava oe.

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