Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What the #$*&?

OMGosh, where in the world have I been? Ok so I guess blogging is slowly dying for me... but I'll try my best to update this as much as possible. So anyways, I'm going to bust a 10 Things list as to what I've been up to lately.

1. Just got back from Cali, was there for my Aunty Misiona's funeral.
2. Busy with meetings and planning a Va'aulu Family Reunion (can't wait for this to be over with... LOL)
3. Shopping for some Laker gear... LOL! (Woo Hoo)
4. Spendin' tons of times with Jerzy.
5. Laundry
6. Baking alot... Banana Cream Pie and BTS Cake... And yes it's so yummy!
7. Graduations, Seminary Graduations
8. Helping my cousin move in
9. Father's Day, Dads B-day
10. And more Laundry... UGH. I wish clean clothes would just appear in my closet... LOL... OK I think I'll keep wishing on that one.

Gosh this month seems to have passed by me so fast... I'll have to post some pictures soon. But I lalalala love my family. I'm missin' my family in Cali. Wishin' that August was here already so I can take my trip back to Cali again... with my Hubby this time... LOL!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Girl

So today I was looking at pictures that my sister posted on Bebo. And she posted one of her kids.

And while I was looking at this picture my other niece Jerzy starts laughing and mimics Daisy's pose. I couldn't stop laughing. So now everytime I tell her pose like Daisy this is how she does it. LOL... What a silly girl!

The kids do the darnest things... LOL!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon

OK so last night I was watching videos on youtube and I saw the official trailer for "New Moon". I know I'm so late. But OMGosh from the looks of it I can tell it's gonna be a good one. I'm so excited for 11/20/09 that is when it will come out. Not only was I excited but so is my Hubby... LOL... He's so funny... He's excited cause there's more action and the transforming of Jacob. I think we watched the trailer like 10 times last night. LOL. I know right... Who does that? But then I figure if you're a twilight fan you probably watch it at least 1-2 times a day, have it bookmarked, etc...

Oh and I can't forget about our Wolves... they'll definitely be a sight to look at. Honestly, I'm so glad it's a new director just in the trailor it had so much detail from the book that I wish Twilight had. But I know we can't have it all... LOL!

So all you Twilight fans keep November 20th marked on your calendar. I can't wait! YAY!