Monday, July 9, 2012

B.O.O.T Camp = Building Our Own Testimony

This past weekend our ward had youth conference up at Camp Williams. We all gathered at the chapel early Thursday to get ready to head out.

We passed out the dig tags that read
Building Our Own
G11 2012
All I Do Is Win

We arrived Thursday with our day already planned out with a spiritual and physical fitness workout. But before that we had lunch provided and I kid you not that these kids were definitely spoiled when it came to food... They were really well taken care of... LOL.

We ended the day with FHE... It definitely set the tone for the whole weekend... We really got to hear first hand the youths testimony and the things they hold dear to their hearts. It was such an awesome experience that I hope they continue to feed their testimony. The spirit was so strong that I know by listening to their testimonies I know mine has definitely grown.

Friday, was another long day filled with tons of physical activities. They started with repelling. This activity is where you're jumping off the wall... And even though I laughed through the whole thing... I was so proud of the youth. Most were scared to even try but once at the top there were so many words of encouragement coming from down below... "you can do it" "Dont worry I got you" "I'll catch you"... And so on. They even helped each other suit up... For me to be able to witness that by a group of young men and women made my heart smile.

After they did the obstacle course, had a lecture by recruitment, swimming and of course the Bishopric spoiled them with a huge dinner... Followed a dance and a dance off between Mel and Fred. I don't think I've ever laughed so had in my life. This day will go down in my book as a day to remember.

We ended conference with a morning testimony meeting and again I was able to hear how much their testimonies have grown in a couple of days. I know for myself that my love for these kids have grown so much, my respect for them is at a whole new level. My love and respect for the leaders have grown... The time and effort they put into planning this was well worth it. It was a success.

We then ended the youth conference with a fireside and just like our FHE we finished strong with the spirit. The testimonies and music shared really left prints in my heart for a night to remember. This was a perfect end to my weekend and a beautiful beginning to my week.

Thank you youth and leaders for an awesome weekend. Definitely one to remember. In all I'm so happy to be back home with my baby and husband my 2 greatest supporters. I love you both so much.

With that being said make it an awesome week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Trying something new

Well its nothing new... But for me its more trying to stick to it. Last week my husband and I started to get in shape and get our healthy on... So we started by cutting soda and exercising more... That started last week and today I'm happy to say that we haven't had a drop of soda at all. For me its not that hard but for my husband who loves Mountain Dew and has has at least 1ltr a day is totally sting for a taste... Hehehe... I know its hard but I'm proud of him for trying.

As far as exercising goes... Well its still a work in progress we get it in at least once a week and just try and stay busy and moving all the time. This week I'm hoping it will change. This morning has been a good start so far and hope it stays this way thru out the week. Since exercising isn't one of my favorite things to do I'm going start with water aerobics cause I love to swim. So wish me luck.

Also because I know I get weak easily I've enlisted... Forced... My friend Sina to work out with me since I know I know that I'll need a lot if encouragement. Thanks girl for being a team player... I know we can do this so ready or not here we go... Hehehehe.

So my goal for this week is to eat healthy, exercise and slowly cut my sugar intake.

My reward will be a movie date night. I think... Hmmm will see.

Anyways, til fingers meet keyboard. I'm signing off for the night. Happy Monday.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm back

Yay... Ok after reading friends and family blogs for so long I finally think I'm ready to return to the blogging world. But not today... Lol. Happy Sabbath.