Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today was a good day!

Well once again another beautiful Sunday. Our goal in mind is to Keep the Sabbath day Holy. Although that was our goal we so didn't achieve it today. We went to a missionary homecoming/farewell meeting today and it was really good. Loved the speakers, music and the spirit that was there. I left that meeting thinking yes we're definitely gonna get it right today... Instead we head over to my sisters (no name... LOL) to drop off my niece and the TV is on, Radio is blasting in the back, kids are playing and my nephew is on the laptop... I start yelling at the kids to stop but it doesn't help. I got sucked into the couch and started watching TV. Now I know why all electronics had to be off on Sundays... I just had to learn it on my own. So anyways, while watching TV my husband gets a text and his family and they are at the park about to have toga'i... We head over there and to make it worse they're setting up the volleyball net... LOL... I know, I know! We sat for maybe 1-2 hours trying really hard to keep it holy but it didn't last... now we're on the volleyball court like it was any other day. Well I know this isn't the best example or the right track to keepin' the sabbath day holy. But we tried and fail but we'll keep trying. The reason it was a good day was because of great company (family), good food, and lots of laughter.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here I Go Again... LOL

It's been buggin' me lately that I don't keep up with my blog... But I honestly try to... Believe it or not writing down my thoughts, experiences and etc., really does help relieve a lot of stress and to remember a lot of things. Still in my 20's and I think I'm already experiencing short term memory loss... LOL.

Anyways, the month is almost over and it looks like the last time I wrote was the beginning of the month. Although things have slowed down and school is back in session I have no excuse for not keepin up expect just being lazy... HAHAHAHA!

Well on the lighter side of things August has been a great month... So many new and exciting things have happened... like my lil cousin Si'u tied the knot and is expecting a lil baby boy soon. Congrats you two on your new life together and the new addition to the family. School has started (YES!). So I finally get to enjoy some peace and quite for a couple of hours. LOL.

So for now I'm gonna go soak in this peace and quite atmosphere before the kids get out of school. Peace out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talofa Bloggers!

Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged for almost a month... Man this year is flying by so fast. Anyways, So I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks that I think it has finally slowed down a bit for me to blog.

Well we had our Family Reunion July 22nd-26th and it was a blast. It was so good to have ALMOST everyone here. I hope our next reunion everyone will be in attendance. We had so much fun hangin' out with the old folks and tryin' to keep up with the young ones too. We played games at the park, had a temple day, went swimming, took lots of pictures (special thanks to Leti!) and etc. Now I know these are types of activities that we can do on our own but this week these activities were super special because we were enjoyin' it with our family from our of town. I love my family and like I've mentioned time and time again... I'm so grateful for them and to be part of a great legacy!

Then after our reunion was finished we had a post-family reunion... For those that didn't go home... LOL! It was good to have them stay longer... I know some didn't want to leave and we loved having them here. We MISS you guys!

After all the fun with the reunion my husband broke his toe. So we were in and out of the ER for a whole week... How FUN.... NOT! LOL. He was a lil too anxious to play volleyball and collided with my cousins foot and his toes bent back... (eww gross... I know... LOL). But he's better and isn't letting the injury spoil his time off or fun!

And finally, we went to Southern California for vacation. It was so much fun we took the trip with my sister in-laws church (AOG)... I don't even know where to start cause I'm still tryin to wind down from the vacation. But we stayed in a really nice hotel, and had activities planned through out the whole time we were there. So we spent a day a Majic Mountain (6 Flags) and my baby Jerzy had a blast... I don't think she was ready to leave.

The following day was a free day so we went to visit my husbands great grand parents and hit up the alley afterwards. Then I took my inlaws to my favorite burger spot in Cali which is "Louis" (mmmm...) they have the best Chili Cheese Fries ever, then did some more shopping at the Compton Fashion Center (Swapmeet... LOL), went back to the hotel and went swimming and relaxed the rest of the evening... FUN!

Then on Saturday I was suppose to go to Universal Studios... But I wasn't really feelin' it so my husband went and I decided to go hang out with my family and we spent the whole day shopping, eating and chillin' at Victoria Park for flag day. It wasn't much but just being with the family was fun for me!

So now we're back home and my husband is off another week cause of his toe... and we are just trying to unpack and get back to reality. It's been fun but now it's time to get back to the real world!