Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Update #2 from Samoa

"Just got back from delivering much need supplies to the affected saints - very touching experience to see old folks under taupaulins under coconut trees. Its like a refugee camp. Confirmed now 20 Church members dead with 2 still missing and searches are still continuing. Due to no homes and the bad smells it is safe for them to stay in camps in the bush rather than moving back and face more problems and health issues."

You know what I've notice about this whole disaster with Samoa... is knowing that Samoa is in need of a lot of things (worldly things) yet they only ask for us to continue to pray for them. I'm so humbled by this because I have not heard the question "Why?" My thoughts and prayers are with you all... especially the families that have lost their loved ones.

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  1. that is an encouraging post! the samoan people are always grateful for the opportunities provided them, even when they're bad ones because they really believe that Heavenly Father does things for a reason. Prayers, yes!