Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Great Start to a New Week

I know today is Tuesday but still I had to blog about the starting of this week. LOL. My week started it off with toga'i at my sisters house followed by FHE with the family. It's been a long time sice we (Benjamins) have done FHE together. It felt really good to be there with the people we love. Our game for FHE was "Chicken, Taco, Boom" or something like that... LOL. Not quite sure what the purpose of the game was but it was really fun watchin' my parents play. And then we got a chance to listen to the kids sing, recite the Articles of Faith, and hear stories of my dads childhood as a football player (who would of thought... LOL) and of his experience on the mission field. I loved every minute of it even the scolding part... LOL. It wouldn't be FHE if there was no scolding... LOL!

Then on Labor Day because I worked the Graveyard Shift I had a late start. My husband let me sleep in while he watched Jerzy, fed her, showered her, and etc. Then we went to Lunch at IHOP and headed over to my in-laws and had FHE there again... LOL. Yes, I know 2 FHE in 1 week we are definitely set to have a good week... HAHAHA. So we played the "What If?" game and it was hilarious! We're suppose to ask a question and the neighbor answers it. Then you pass the paper and read the question aloud and the neighbor answers it with the answer he has on his paper. So much fun when it's played with a lot of people. After we had a beautiful lesson from Vicky on the "Word of Wisdom". We been taught so many times about the word of wisdom but it was great to hear it again and remind us about that teaching also to see Patsy, Tuli and Jerzy learn about it. Then we learned a new song...

"Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Makes the man healthy, and wealthy,
and wise"

Now Va'a sings that to Jerzy when it's bedtime... Too cute. I know we've missed out on FHE for so long that it is definitely a goal for us to continue to hold our own FHE. It really makes a difference on how your week goes.

"Make it an AWESOME day"

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