Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here I Go Again... LOL

It's been buggin' me lately that I don't keep up with my blog... But I honestly try to... Believe it or not writing down my thoughts, experiences and etc., really does help relieve a lot of stress and to remember a lot of things. Still in my 20's and I think I'm already experiencing short term memory loss... LOL.

Anyways, the month is almost over and it looks like the last time I wrote was the beginning of the month. Although things have slowed down and school is back in session I have no excuse for not keepin up expect just being lazy... HAHAHAHA!

Well on the lighter side of things August has been a great month... So many new and exciting things have happened... like my lil cousin Si'u tied the knot and is expecting a lil baby boy soon. Congrats you two on your new life together and the new addition to the family. School has started (YES!). So I finally get to enjoy some peace and quite for a couple of hours. LOL.

So for now I'm gonna go soak in this peace and quite atmosphere before the kids get out of school. Peace out!

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