Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day Before Valentines

This year I decided that we were going to make this Valentine a memorable one because my sisters and brother were visiting from out of town. So I sent out invitations and made reservations for Tucanos. It was great there was a total of 26 people there. Dinner was (hahahaha) and dessert was delicious... However, the price tag was a little bit much but well worth it. Food, service and company was great! After all the eating we ended the night playing sports and trying to burn off what we just gained earlier... LOL!

I think this was the best Valentines so far. Anytime you get a chance to spend with your sweetheart and loved ones is always going to be the best time ever!

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  1. thanks for the pics..hahaha. ya know i was looking for pics from our games. why was you holding