Saturday, February 20, 2010

All for Madisyn!

Today Madisyn got up early to get ready for her lil' WELCOME home party that her Great Grandmother Patisepa planned for her. Showered, ate, slept and was happy and ready to hit the road. On our way to Grandma's house we go. We were welcomed by a room filled of balloons and decorations, not to mention the sweet aroma of the food being prepared for the festivities... hahaha! We played games like "What If?", "Guess what's in the diaper", "Booty Charades" (sooo much fun... definitely a must play game) and ended with a "Songfest" that included Madisyn's name in the song. I wish I recorded the Booty Charades but I couldn't cause I was in so much pain from laughing. All you have to do is spell a word using only your BUTT... so for all us being big booty ladies our spelling sometimes looked like the spelling was 3D... HAHAHAHA! But I did record our songfest (I'll upload it as soon as I figure that out... LOL). But here are the lyrics... What do you think?

Team 1 (Mina, Patsy, Sarenah, Vicky, Tupou, Naite, Felipo)
~*~ Madisyn ~*~
Novema 4, 2009
Palasi mai ai se mea i'ila
ua fa'aigoina Madisyn Lefetaui Tuinei-ira
Sapasapaiina e lona Papa ile 3 lava o ona masina malaga
mai loa i Utah ma lona Nana auleaga.
Talofa mommy ma daddy
I am your little fatty
You call me Madi
and change my diaper already
You have to wake up at night
and make sure I'm alright
or else I will cry
and you guys go bye bye!

Team 2 (Me, Sariyah, Sweetie, Pam, Titi, Joslyn, Gardenia)
~*~ BABY MADISYN ~*~ (
using the INDEPENDENT beat by Webbie)
Do you know what that means? (2x)
She got her own crib
She got her own bib
1 Mom 1 Dad
She a bad BROD!
She got a lot of sitters
We mean babysitters
2 Pops 3 Ma's
She got the whole Gang!

OK I have the videos up and now I gotta figure out the sound... Eh! Anyways, enjoy if you can. So many hidden talents in this family... hahahaha! After that we ate, sang Happy Birthday to Vicky and open gifts(THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU). Happy Birthday Vicky you should definitely ask Tofiga about teamin' up with him... it would be hilarious. LOL!

Today was definitely a day filled of fun, laughter, and love! I'm so grateful for the party, food, gifts (she'll be excited to play dress up with them), and alofas. I'm also grateful to my in laws for all that they do for me and my little family, especially for Madisyn. We can't THANK you enough!Today was so much fun can't wait to do it again... so somebody hurry up and have a baby... LOL! Madisyn has only been with us for 2 weeks and she has already made her mark in all our hearts. Love you Madi!

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  1. How sooo fun!! Madi is one spoiled lil hot mama. Love it love it..