Thursday, October 22, 2009

Va'aulu Family Project

With all the updates listed below sent from my Uncle in Samoa. I couldn't help but think of ways that I can contribute to rebuilding our paradise. So with the help of my family, we were able to gather donations to ship to Samoa. We made it a family project so that we can help our brothers and sisters over seas but at the same time remind us all (especially the little ones) of how blessed we are.

Day 1-Gathering donations! YAY! What a great turn out!

Truck load of clothes... Thanks everyone that donated!

...more clothes plus water and food... Thanks Western Friction/Page Brake for all your support and donations! You're AWESOME!

Some of the Hygiene Kits we put together.

Our lil helpers... Love them!

Since we received more than than expected we had to get sorting ASAP... So the following day that's exactly what we did!

Day 2- Sorting the clothes...

sorting the shoes... Thanks Uncle Talesi for taking this task on... LOL

The beginning of sorting thru the clothes we received! YAY! We even donated clothes to DI cause we know that Samoa does not need FUR COATS or SKI PANTS... LOL. Thanks tho' for the donations.

After all this we were finally able to build and pack our container for SAMOA! This is the best part I thought... finally being able to see all of the donations ship off... Yes! I love it!

Final Day- Packing our container

Bottom layer of the container filled with water.

then the rice...


and more food...

and some of my family members that helped pack the box!

I mentioned earlier that this was my favorite part... And I just wanted to add that this day was my birthday and just to be able to do service for others was truly the best gift ever... even tho' I wasn't the one receiving it. I'm also happy to announce that because we received so much from everyone we will be shipping another container to Samoa in November... YAY! I love family projects!

I'm grateful to my family for all of their love and support in helping me press forward with this project. Also, much THANKS to all who donated especially Western Friction, Simati's company (sorry don't know the name), our dear family and friends. But I also want to THANK my husband for being patient, loving and so supportive of me. You're the BEST! I love you all!


  1. You definitely recieved a great gift on your birthday. You got to share it with your family working together to show love for those in need. It's a birthday you are sure to remember. Congrats to your entire family and again, thanks for sharing your Uncle's letters with everyone.

  2. Love it Rissa! I love your family. Happy late Birthday. Love you!

  3. awww.what beautiful little helpers you have! what a blessing to have received your wonderful box for those in Samoa:)I hope your Christmas was a blessed one. May 2010 bring lots of love, blessings and prosperity!!