Monday, May 18, 2009

"Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy"

...Or so we try! So for the past couple of Sundays me and my husband have been talking about ways to keep the sabbath day holy. And we're really good at it until church is done. Right when we leave the parking lot our first stop is always to the store (and it doesn't help that it's right next to the chapel) to buy something to take for toga'i... I know. You're suppose to do it on Saturdays. But I really take advatege of my Saturdays and make sure I'm relaxin'. Why I wait til the last minute to do shopping, ironing and laundry is beyond me... LOL! I guess for now the only thing for us to do is to keep trying til we get it right! Right?

To be continued... LOL!


  1. You guys can do it! My hubby and I started a few weeks ago and it's getting better! Keep it up!

  2. Hi! it's great to see you on here and read your blog! I see my sister has already made contact with you. :) good luck on your keep the sabbath holy journey!

  3. takes a bit of practice. I should know, we're still trying:) Have an awesome weekend!!