Monday, March 9, 2009


So I haven't had a chance to write in awhile... SOOOOOOOOOO... here's what I've been up to!

Yeap... You guessed it Coupon Shopping... I have no kids but I have been stocking up on baby products. My sister is expecting another baby girl July 7th and since Walgreens is having such an AWESOME deal on Huggies, Aveeno, and Johnson... I figure it's the perfect time to start saving.

I started couponing (if that's a word... LOL) since Aug 2008 and I've been addicted but just a couple a weeks ago I was so tired of it... cutting, sorting, racing to get the deals and all that comes with couponing. But the BEST part about being able to do this is sharing coupons with your sister. When I'm down and out from couponing I have an older sister that takes over and goes hunting the deals down... LOL... and when she's down and out (which is never...LOL) I take over. That way we never miss out on the FREE or really CHEAP products. Hahaha!

Anyways, this is really a time consuming hobby but the rewards are so worth it!


  1. Can I get some funds for your share you use of my stuff...hahahaha. K, your turn this week. I think i'm burned out now..LOL.

  2. Ok can I get some help!!! Im going to add you to my blog so add me too k. LOL Love you girl and it was great seeing you the other night!