Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jerzy!

Yes Jerzy just turned 3 years old. This weekend was all about her and she made sure that it was all about her. Friday was her birthday... so she started the day off with breakfast any where she wants and of course for her it was McDonalds. Then she spent the whole day outside playing with the neighbors and her siblings. Later on that day we went over to my husbands Grandmothers house. They made cake, cookies, and brownies to celebrate her birthday. It was great cause every little thing she was super excited. When we sang "Happy Birthday" to her... She said, "Aww... for me? I really really love it sooo much!". hahaha this girl cracks me up. I'm so happy that she is grateful for all the little things in life. Especially hanging out with family that's all she asked for was to go play with Tuli and Patsy (which BTW are no where near her age... LOL).

Today was really fun. The sun was shining, pool was out, the grill was fired up and we were out enjoying the day... Woo hoo... Let's hope the weather stays like this. Part 2 of Jerzy's birthday was spent at her house barbeque'n (LOL), watchin' the kids swim and play games. We decorated a little bit with our homemade Birthday Garland (which BTW was FREE...LOL... used all recycled scrapbook paper), had homemade hats for the kids (also made out of scrapbook paper), and had some homemade cake it was good... LOL! I must say that this was one fun day. It was sweet and simple. I really enjoyed it all. I love you Jerzy Girl! XOXOXOXO

Thanks everyone for making Jerzy's day/weekend a special one for her.


  1. Awww I love those simple type of parties. Happy belated birthday to your baby girl Riss! Your so good w/ your girls! Kiss em' for me! Love you!

  2. I "Really Really" had fun. Hehhee. Well I think Miah's bday is next..hahha Or we could do Rachel a party..buhahahaha. Getting to happy now with bday parties. Thanks for the memories. Love ya sis.

  3. I'll pass on Rachel she might yell at us... LOL! Ooh Miah's would be a good one but then you know he is too old to have one of those parties... LOL... Maybe him and Myles should perform their dance on his bday... LOL!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful, fun filled celebration with lots of love - the best kind of bday. Im always on the lookout for new bday craft/foods/present ideas to make for this Fab5 lot of my own. Happy bday Jerzy!