Thursday, February 26, 2009

YAY! I Did it!

OK so after going through everyones blog and reading their posts I finally decided that I will start up a blog too. So not really sure about what this blog thing is all about or what I have to share with everyone... but I guess that's the whole point of blogging... Right? It can be on anything of your choosing... LOL.

Great so I completed the first step of blogging which is setting up a page... now I think I'm going to mess areound on this and try to customize it to make it unique for me... LOL!


  1. Ok, Rissa..your blog is really nice. I'll have you hook mine up once I really get started. Ok, happy blogging. why don't you blog and introduce the tuinei's...hehehe. k, sis..ttyl.

  2. I love it and it's about damn time. I love blogger and facebook! Ok I gotta add you to my friends list. Love ya!